Autoimmune Disorders

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Nearly 50 million Americans suffer from chronic symptoms of an autoimmune disorder. At Healthpark Medical Center Inc., with offices in Boca Raton, Weston, and North Miami Beach, Florida, the experienced medical team uses an integrated approach to identify what’s causing your immune disorder and symptoms. They offer a variety of treatment options, including dietary changes, to address your symptoms and restore your immune system’s health. Schedule a consultation by calling the office nearest you or by using the online booking feature.

Autoimmune Disroders Q & A

What is an autoimmune disorder?

Normally, your immune system protects your body from viruses and bacteria, sending out autoantibodies to attack these foreign bodies. These fighter cells can usually tell the difference between your healthy cells and the invaders.

When you have an autoimmune disorder, your immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells of your body. In some cases, attacks on your healthy cells can lead to health complications, such as inflammation, chronic pain, and organ damage.

The Healthpark Medical Center Inc.'s experienced physicians treat a variety of autoimmune disorders, such as:


Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that can cause damage to your joints, kidneys, heart, and brain, causing a body rash, pain, and fatigue.


Hashimoto’s disease

Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune condition where the hormone production in your thyroid slows down, causing weight gain, hair loss, thyroid swelling, and chronic fatigue.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an immune system attack that affects your joints, causing warmth, persistent soreness, and stiffness.

How is an autoimmune disorder diagnosed?

There are several tests the Healthpark Medical Center Inc. physicians can use to confirm an autoimmune disorder.

Initially, they may collect a sample of blood and administer an antinuclear antibody test to determine if you have an autoimmune disorder, although further testing is necessary to confirm which disorder it is.


Also, your Healthpark Medical Center Inc. physician can review your medical history and existing symptoms to look for indicators of an autoimmune disorder.

What are the treatment options for an autoimmune disorder?

Your Healthpark Medical Center Inc. physician creates a custom treatment plan to reduce your symptoms and to ensure your body can still effectively fight off bacteria and germs.

An important part of treating an autoimmune disorder, or preventing one from developing, is your diet. Foods that cause chronic inflammation in your body are often the underlying factor in autoimmune disorders. Your Healthpark Medical Center Inc. physician works with you to customize an anti-inflammatory diet to prevent inflammation.

The medical team may also administer testing to identify potential food sensitivities and underlying digestive issues that may be triggering an autoimmune response in your body.

To learn more about treating autoimmune disorders, schedule an evaluation with the experienced physicians at one of Healthpark Medical Center Inc.'s Florida locations.